RR Infrastructures focuses on the study and implementation of sustainable civil engineering infrastructures

  • Infraestructures
  • Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Water treatment
  • Industrial
  • Wind energy
  • Photovoltaic energy

Since its inception, this division has been an integral part of projects of great magnitude and importance that have opened the path to economic and social development of several countries. We have improved communications among all.

Improvements in materials and construction methods for large structures, have facilitated the great development that has experienced road construction. Thus, it has become possible to build bridges that give effective response to the limitations imposed by former design parameters of motorways, avoiding natural barriers or other already existing structures more efficiently.

As in the rest of the actions of Grupo RR, our infrastructures division is notoriously customer oriented. Thanks to a consolidated vocation for service, we have developed with them a solid relationship of long term trust based on mutual understanding.

RR Infrastructuras proves to be a qualified company to carry out any type of project, which rigorously fulfills deadlines, and which adapts to the specific conditions of any infrastructure or location with complete reliability.