We know that a future that is not sustainable it is not a future at all and we are committed to R & D projects

In order to be competitive in a continuously expanding sector Grupo RR has a stake in a newly formed company -Eider – by which we manage various recycling centers in different provinces of Spain.

Ecoindustrias del Reciclado (EIDER) environmental resorts are centers of selective waste collection, which are engaged in its reception, treatment and management. Such facilities are considered of public utility and social interest, due to the positive impact on improving the environment. Apart from this, these environmental complexes contribute to generate wealth because they are used for the recovery of items and raw materials that otherwise would be destined to abandonment.

Our goal is to manage different types of waste at every recycling center, with affordable costs for producers, reducing the proliferation of uncontrolled landfills that so seriously damage the environment. Thus we guarantee the recycling and reuse of products received. Now, there are two facilities operating in Guadix (Granada) and Melilla, and we hope to open soon another ones in Gador (Almería) and Huetor Tajar (Granada).

Furthermore, the government is obliged to refuse planning permissions if the destination of the waste generated is not specified during the execution. This obligation extends to the industries of different areas, which are required to justify the use given to the waste generated in the normal course of business and which must be controlled at all times.

Therefore, it is necessary the implementation of such facilities in order to concentrate the receipt of different types of waste, so that they are properly treated and can be introduced again as raw material in the industry.

Facilities and activities carried out in eider environmental resorts

Each environmental resort must have all the required equipment to separate the waste and carry out all the necessary processes. Actions undertaken at EIDER environmental resorts are as follows:

  • Treatment of used tires
  • Treatment of sewage sludge
  • Treatment of medical waste
  • Reception and decontamination of vehicles
  • Recycling of wood and plastic
  • Plant recovery and disposal of inert waste
  • Recycling agricultural plastics, light packaging and wood
  • Drying plant and sludge composting
  • Receiving and processing of construction and demolition works
  • Recovery, recycling, reuse and disposal of inert waste
  • Sale of recycled materials and products: gravel, sand, soil, etc.
  • Sale of compost generated in the drying plant and sludge composting
  • Concrete processing plant
  • Development of precast concrete