We want to tell you who we are and how we have grown to present

Good work requires large doses of responsibility, commitment and desire for improvement.

This idea has been present in the mind of Raimundo Rodriguez since he founded his first company 40 years ago.

The first step in the ultimate creation of the Grupo RR comes after 20 years of hard work with the creation of Gruas y Transportes Raimundo Rodríguez. We are proud that our company is counted today among the most respected in Andalusia and is synonymous with prestige.

Since then, Grupo RR has experienced a steady, controlled and sustainable growth. Based on the consolidation of the business, this growth has facilitated that our activities have continuously diversified and that our workloads have accordingly increased.

The result of this experience is that Grupo RR has grown from a local company in its beginning, to steadily consolidate its present international presence.


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